Honest and holistic

Data Science

Using the right tools and asking the right questions. Here are my notes on programming and data processing.

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Working with language

Natural Language Processing

Words and texts have been my main fascination throughout my career – from rule-based systems to BERT models trained on huge corpora. See also my blog on building a search engine with analysis and scraping components.
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Working with data

Data Models + Machine Learning

The art of applying statistical and ML techniques. First, we need a solid foundation of properly collected, cleaned and explored data… or some hacks to work around the flaws.
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Working with code

Building Software

Since my teenage years I’ve enjoyed the magic and delight of seeing my code perform the tasks that I wanted. I am always refining my knowledge of programming languages and methodologies, as tools for creating reliable software.
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About Algo Praxis


Putting algorithms into practice.

I serve the needs of businesses, academics and users as a consultant and independent developer. I focus on the cutting edge, but also on solving problems in the most effective ways possible.

My technology stack expertise is always growing. Within and beyond the conventional data science toolkit, we can find the right tool for the situation. – Szymon